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Where we are coming from

Darling Music for All educates and develops the young and also the ‘well-seasoned’ Students of the Darling community and surrounds, by means of music and choir tutoring, on a no-charge basis. This includes the providing of musical instruments for the upliftment of all Students.

DMA has over the years collaborated with many ‘like-minded’ initiatives, organisations and NGO’s in raising awareness, not only within their own community but also further afield.

The Darling Trust has been a close partner of the DMA music initiative from day one and has now outsourced all their music teaching to DMA. In return, The Darling Trust assist with fundraising and the organising of events.


In 2006, Alfred Legner introduced the very successful Darling Music Experience (DME). After being exposed to the successful Venezuela “el Sistema” method of bringing music to the community of that country, he considered introducing a similar method for the Darling community. The idea was conceived with the assistance of Andreas Kern, Artistic Director of the DME from 2009 to 2013.  

An introductory meeting took place on 12 April 2010, where music teachers and music lovers came together to share their enthusiasm and ideas. Darling residents volunteered their time to kick-start this exciting venture. Besides the instigator Alfred Legner, volunteers were Candice and Wayne Stewart – Candice is our current Treasurer; the late Judy Wood and Bryn Juliana-Jones, Mary-Anne Schreuder, Juliet Brown who is now in the UK, but still very much supports DMA; Nicolaas Maritz, Rika Steenkamp, Hendrik Hofmeyr, and John Fevrier.

The name Darling Initiative for Education and Music – DIEM was initially proposed. After further discussion, it was agreed that the name needed to incorporate English and Afrikaans, be inclusive of all ages and sit alongside the existing DME. Hendrik Hofmeyr suggested Darling Music for All / Darling Musiek vir Almal – DMA. This was enthusiastically accepted by all.         

The “el Sistema” movie was shown several times to children and interested persons. In October 2010, DMA held their launch at the Early Learning Education Centre, also known as The Swimming Pool.

The DMA Constitution was accepted in 2011 and along with the Business Plan; both were submitted to the appropriate authorities. The DMA applied for NPO and PBO status in 2013.

Tutors were already giving children music lessons. In 2011, DMA had no venue to give lessons and in that year, John Fevrier remembers his first two young students, Howard and Kelvin, who walked from their homes to attend their Saturday morning drum lesson at John’s home.

At the time, John was one of the five team members of The Planet Art Creative Centre (TPACC), which is now Darling Brew. The then owner of TPACC, the late Beni Stilborg, agreed for lessons to be given on his premises in 2012.

The first children’s concert was held in February 2012.

The original DMA logo layout was proposed, amended and eventually finalized in August 2012, as it is today.

Instruments were donated and also purchased from cash donations and fund-raising events. Tutors were keen to teach their students. At one stage, we had Tutors from the Delft Big Band Orchestra tutoring saxophone, trumpet, and trombone.   

In 2014 TPACC was sold to Darling Brew and DMA had to relocate to the Focus community hall, now named the Darling Outreach Foundation, where we are currently situated.   

During 2015 and 2016, the South African Association for Jazz Education – SAJE, in association with The Darling Trust, performed at Evita se Perron and held two workshops for the Students, at the Focus hall.

Besides several other guest performers and workshops, mention must be made of the German brass band – Brass-On, who performed at the Mamre Moravian Church in 2012 and again at Darling Brew in 2016. During their visits to South Africa, they also donated trumpets, trombones and music stands to the DMA.       

Exposure and a few of the performances and concerts involving DMA were: Voorkamerfest, Darling Flower Show, Oude Libertas Amphitheatre in Stellenbosch, NG Kerk in Darling, combined DMA and Darling Trust concerts, Heart Radio participation, Evita se Perron talent shows, Darling Brew, ’I Love Yzer/Darling’ magazine, and our DMA annual Year-End Concerts; where last year, the 60-strong West Coast Youth Orchestra performed. There were several other performances.

DMA currently has approximately 108 instruments, equipment, and accessories, ranging from cowbells, to string, wind, brass, drum/percussion, and electronics. Approximately 55 pieces of the higher value instruments and equipment are insured.

DMA currently have Tutors for recorder, piano/keyboard, classical guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, saxophone, voice training, and drums/percussion. Our violin Tutor is no longer with DMA.

DMA currently still require the services of string, wind and brass Tutors and most importantly, a Secretary.

Our band, D’s Choice, entertains at various venues and assists in increasing DMA funds.  The objective of the band is to nurture and incorporate competent Students into the band.

Student turn-over, as with many NPO music institutions is high. DMA currently have an average instrument and voice training student base of between 60 and 70 Students. This includes young Students/Learners, other than at DMA, being tutored at schools and other institutions.   


Researched and compiled by John Fevrier

Darling Music for All / Darling Musiek vir Almal

Founder Member, Committee Member, and Drum/Percussion Tutor.

 July 2019

What We Do 

From our teaching centre, the Focus, home of the Darling Outreach Foundation, we offer free music lessons for piano, guitar, drums/percussion, singing and theory. Classes for string, brass and wind instruments are waiting to be revived.

We are also an outsourcing partner for music education at two local primary schools, free of charge

As event organisers, the DMA brings classical and popular music to Darling.

Our bands, D’s Choice and Darling Drums, perform and play popular music at concerts along the West Coast and beyond.


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How we spend our money

We employ two part time teachers and pay petrol money to volunteering tutors.

We maintain the music instruments that the DMA owns.

We provide learning material

Where do we go from here

We want to revive our dormant string, brass and wind instrument sections.

We plan to increase our role as a provider of music education to local schools

A chamber music orchestra is on the cards.

This requires more part time music teachers and additional instruments.


A much more concerted fundraising effort is a priority, on our New Year’s resolutions list for 2019

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