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What is the DMA all about?
Since 2008

Uplift, Support,    Educate & Develop 

Where we are coming from

The DMA is the brainchild of the South African born German pianist Andreas Kern who served as artistic director of the Darling Music Experience, a chamber music festival from 2009 – 2013.

The main objective was and is to uplift, support, educate and develop the underprivileged youth of the community.

The initiative received a major boost in early 2011 when the DMA hosted a concert and a workshop of the Millennium Quartet, who visited South Africa at that time, as ambassadors of El Sistema, a publicly financed voluntary sector music- education program in Venezuela.

At that time we also received NPO status and started our co-operation with the Darling Trust.

This project, a vehicle of social upliftment and change, was and is still run by volunteers. Among them is past Chairman Hendrik Hofmeyr, a leading South African composer, and music educator.

The DMA is funded by private donations and through fundraising events.


What We Do 

From our teaching centre, the Focus, home of the Darling Outreach Foundation, we offer free music lessons for piano, guitar, drums/percussion, singing and theory. Classes for string, brass and wind instruments are waiting to be revived.

We are also an outsourcing partner for music education at two local primary schools, free of charge

As event organisers, the DMA brings classical and popular music to Darling.

Our bands, D’s Choice and Darling Drums, perform and play popular music at concerts along the West Coast and beyond.


Support Us

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How we spend our money

We employ two part time teachers and pay petrol money to volunteering tutors.

We maintain the music instruments that the DMA owns.

We provide learning material

Where do we go from here

We want to revive our dormant string, brass and wind instrument sections.

We plan to increase our role as a provider of music education to local schools

A chamber music orchestra is on the cards.

This requires more part time music teachers and additional instruments.


A much more concerted fundraising effort is a priority, on our New Year’s resolutions list for 2019

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