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    9h00 – 10h00 Theory
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    NPO NUMBER: 120-426 | PBO NUMBER: 960 036 942

    Frequently Asked Questions
    DMA Committee

    Levona de Villiers

    Daniel de Villiers

    Macnete Daniels

    Graham Jacobs

    John Fevrier

    Alfred Legner

    are you a non-profit?

    Yes, we are! We are a registered non-profit organization and a public benefit organization.

    NPO – 120-426NPO   |   PBO – 960036942

    What do these terms mean? 

    All non-profit organizations in South Africa are governed by the Non-Profit Organisations Act, No 71 of 1997 (the Act), which came into effect on 1 September 1998. In terms of this Act, a non-profit organization (NPO) is defined as either a trust, company or other organization or association of people established to serve a public purpose. The organization is therefore not set up for the profit of its members, but for the benefit of the public. The Act, therefore, requires the profits of the organization to be re-invested and used for the purpose of attaining the main goal of the organization. Profits are not to be distributed to its members.

    Generally, this is an organization that does not work for profit and does not pay tax in or out of South Africa. The organisation is most likely involved with charitable work, of which the sole or principal object is carrying on one or more public benefit activities, where all such activities are carried on in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic or philanthropic intent; where each such activity carried on by that organisation is for the benefit of, or is widely accessible to, the general public at large, including any sector thereof (other than small and exclusive groups).


    How do i become a volunteer

    Contact Levona De Villiers:

    +27 (0)81 271 0535


    John Fevrier
    T: +27 (0)82 377 4570


    Alfred Legner
    T: +27 (0)72 015 1653

    Become A Volunteer

    Levona De Villiers
    T: +27 (0)81 271 0535


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    +27 (0) 72 015 1653 (Alfred Legner)


    11 High Street,
    Darling, 7345


    Classes at Darling Outreach Foundation, Focus Centre

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